Marita Lynn

My name is Marita. I’m a Peruvian chef and an entrepreneur, but most importantly, I’m a mom who loves to share her passion for food with everyone! I want to help you get out of your comfort zone in the kitchen by losing your fear of cooking and using your intuition to cook your everyday meals, while sharing my personal journey. I’m so happy you’re joining me!

I would love to share with you about all my credentials and past training and jobs, as well as awards, but my intention with this blog is to open my world to you and show you who I am. You’ll see my ups and my downs without any kind of filter, and I hope that will inspire you to share more of yourself with the world. I will dedicate myself to educating you about my cuisine, the foods I grew up with, and which Peruvian ingredients you can’t live without to make any special dish.

I will also share my journey in the food world and my experiences as an entrepreneur and restaurateur, all worth sharing!

My mission here is to help you indulge in what may be a new delicious cuisine for you, full of flavor, with easy access and awesome health benefits. Most importantly, I want you to make it your own!

I also want to share what I’ve learned over the last few years. I’ve created a life better than I ever dreamed of, and I want to help you do the same. I hope my recipes and stories inspire you to grow and become a better version of yourself.

Thank you for stopping by, and I would truly appreciate if you shared it with your friends.



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