Private Dinners and Cooking Classes

Private Dinners

Bring the restaurant experience to your home enjoying a delicious and intimate, wholesome, real meal with that special person or a group of your best friends. Private dinners range from 2 to a maximum of 12 people and choose from either a 3 course dinner to a multiple course tasting menu. I will personally come and cook for you at the convenience of your home and will be happy to bring service personnel, even a Sommelier per your request. Check the dinner options we have at our Online Store

Cooking Classes

Many people have many fear to step in the kitchen, not knowing that using their intuition, being in the flow and present when cooking can bring them peace. It is my intention for everyone in this planet to cook and eat consciously, knowing that by the way they cook and eat they are either nourishing themselves or hurting themselves. My Kitchen Intuition cooking classes can start from the very beginning, where I can help you shop ingredients for your cooking from picking herbs and seasonings to stock up your pantry to cooking some of the most delicious, elaborate and exotic meals. You can either choose one class to a serious of 6 classes or more. Check our Online Store for pricing and availability or send me an email or call for any information.